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Known Issues

The following are known issues in the Privacera Platform 4.5 release.


  • PRIV-5582: In Update time field, Invalid date appears if an access request is created.


  • PRIV-3292: 'Owner' is not being populated in the Resource Details and is displaying as 'unknown'.
  • PRIV-5970: When user clicks on Re-evaluate of resource directory, few unwanted files are displayed on Classification listing page.
  • PRIV-5998: MS Excel file scanning issues as Tika limits are reached.
  • PRIV-6158: Files missed on scan during bulk upload for Google Cloud Platform.


  • PRIV-5906: User requires one time re-assignment (optionally followed by de-assignment) to ROLE_ADMIN, ROLE_USER, to allow Encryption via API.
  • PRIV-6149: Crypto - Transformation issues on email formats.


  • PRIV-5742: When UDF fails, the column masking does not work in Databricks Jobs.
  • PRIV-6010: Dbconnect - NPE is seen during Spark read for delta files.
  • PRIV-5782: Masking is applied on original data when SELECT columns has FUNCTIONS around columns.

Spark Standalone

  • PRIV-6052: Denied Audits are seen twice for Sql queries.
  • PRIV-6058: DATA_ADMIN Access is not working in Spark version 3.x.

Access Manager

  • PRIV-6207: On Zeppelin, interpreter faces an issue as "getDelegationToken is not supported", but the same query works fine through spark-shell.