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Fixed Issues

The following are fixed issues which were addressed as known issues in the Privacera Platform 4.4 release.

Access Manager

  • PRIV-5649: Azure Active Directory (AD) Usersync - Empty subgroups were not listed under Groups tab in Access Management.


  • PRIV-5551: Workflow: Tags were not propagated to Data Explorer.
  • PRIV-5345: Workflow Expunge policy was not working as expected on Azure.

Privacera Portal

  • PRIV-5595: Names of encryption or presentation schemes longer than 255 characters used to throw error.
  • PRIV-5320: Users with read-only permission can not export alerts and audits.
  • PRIV-5996: Fixed the MariaDB connection checking issue, if external RDS is configured.


  • PRIV-3259: Fixed performance issue for column masking policy with large number of columns.