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Known Issues

The following are known issues in the Privacera Platform 4.3 release.


  • PRIV-5109: Spaces are not allowed in the name of an encryption scheme or presentation.
  • PRIV-5229: BouncyCastle issues:
    • The following formats do not currently work with BounceyCastle:
      • SSN_All_Bouncy_Castle_AES
      • CREDITCARD_All_Bouncy_Castle_AES
      • DATE_Date_All_Bouncy_Castle_AES
    • The unprotect request does not currently work with format Email_All_Bouncy_Castle_AES.
  • PRIV-5153: The encryption scheme for IP address format does not currently work with the regex, IP host, and IP network scopes.
  • PRIV-5126: The PEG encryption Masking Value field is for use exclusively with the Literal format, although the Privacera Portal shows it as available with other formats.