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Frequently Asked Questions#

Q) Once I've installed Privacera, can I change the environment name?

A) If you have installed and deployed all the Privacera services, and they are up and running in your environment, then changing the environment name is not supported, as it can affect some of the services such as Discovery.

However, you can change the environment name during your first install. If you wish to change the name, then perform the following steps:

  1. Go to System Settings > Setup Environment > Platform and Installation Type.

  2. Click Export. It will export the configuration file in the JSON format.

  3. Open the file and edit the environment name.

  4. Now, click Import to import the edited configuration JSON file.

  5. Go to Install and click Install & Start Services.


    When you export the configuration, passwords are not exported. You need to set the passwords again when you import the same configuration.