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Configure Secrets Encryption#

To set up the default services, expand each configuration below and set their properties. After completing a configuration, click Save & Next to proceed further.

You can enable encryption of secrets for Privacera services such as Privacera Portal, Privacera Dataserver, Privacera Ranger, Ranger Usersync, Privacera Discovery, Ranger KMS, Crypto, PEG, and Privacera PolicySync. The passwords will be stored safely in keystores, instead of being exposed in plaintext.


  1. Enable Global Encrypt Secrets.
  2. In the Global Default Keystore Password, enter a password for the keystore that will hold all the secrets. e.g. Str0ngP@ssw0rd
  3. If you want to encrypt data of a Privacera service, you can select a name of the property for the corresponding service under the Additional Properties Encrypt.
  4. click Save & Next