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Ports of Privacera Services

Default Port Numbers

The following table lists Privacera services and the ports they use. Make sure these ports are open.

Port Service
* Self Security Group
22 SSH
2181 Apache Zookeeper
2888 Apache Zookeeper Leader
3000 Grafana
3888 Apache Zookeeper Election
4040 Discovery
6080 Apache Ranger Admin
6084 AuditServer
6182 Apache Ranger Admin (HTTPS)
6868 Privacera Portal
6869 Privacera Encryption Gateway (PEG)
8080 Graphite
8181 Privacera Dataserver (Endpoint)
8983 Apache Solr
9092 Kafka
9191 Privacera Dataserver (Proxy)
9393 Ranger Key Management System (HTTPS)
9494 Ranger Key Management System
9797 Access Request Manager
9880 Audit Fluentd
9898 Access Request Manager (HTTPS)

Changing Port Number of a Privacera Service

If you want to assign a different port number, you can do it by looking up the custom property table of the Privacera service and then adding the custom property in the YAML configuration file of the service.

For example:

You want to change the port number of the Portal service from its default value 6868 to 8686. Perform the following steps:

  1. In the left navigation of the documentation, go to Reference - Custom Properties > Portal. This section has the custom properties for all the Privacera services, which you can refer for finding a specific property.


  3. Add the property with the new port number in the Portal configuration file, vars.portal.yml.

  4. Run the Privacera Manager update.

    Now you can access the Portal service on the new port number.