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PrestoSQL Standalone Installation


PrestoSQL will be discontinued in future releases of Privacera. Use Privacera Trino instead. For more information, see Trino Open Source.

Ranger PrestoSQL Plug-In

To install Apache Ranger PrestoSQL plug-in, use the following steps:

Download Presto Plug-In Package

  1. Set the Privacera Image Tag version.

  2. Download the PrestoSQL plug-in package.

    mkdir -p ~/privacera/downloads
    cd ~/privacera/downloads
    wget${PRIVACERA_IMAGE_TAG}/ranger-2.1.0-SNAPSHOT-presto-plugin.tar.gz -O ranger-2.1.0-SNAPSHOT-presto-plugin.tar.gz
    ls -lrth
  3. Copy ranger-2.1.0-SNAPSHOT-presto-plugin.tar.gz file to the machine where presto-server is running.

Setup the Environment

  1. SSH to the machine where presto-server is running.

  2. Go to directory where ranger-2.1.0-SNAPSHOT-presto-plugin.tar.gz have been copied.

  3. Extract the plug-in tar.gz

    tar xvf ranger-2.1.0-SNAPSHOT-presto-plugin.tar.gz
  4. Create a Symlink.

    ln -s ranger-2.1.0-SNAPSHOT-presto-plugin ranger-presto-plugin


  • Edit the

    cd ranger-presto-plugin/
  • Update the properties as per the table below:

    Property Default Description
    POLICY_MGR_URL NONE This is a Ranger Admin URL. E.g.
    REPOSITORY_NAME privacera_presto This indicates Presto Ranger policy.
    COMPONENT_INSTALL_DIR_NAME /usr/lib/presto This indicates Presto server installed directory.
    XAAUDIT.SOLR.ENABLE false Enable/Disable solr audit. Set as ‘true’ to enable.
    XAAUDIT.SOLR.URL NONE Solr audit URL or audit server URL.
    XAAUDIT.SOLR.BASIC.AUTH.ENABLED false Set to ‘true’ if solr/auditserver authentication is enabled
    RANGER_POLICY_AUTHZ_SHOW_CATALOG_DISABLED false Set as true to disable authorization for show catalog query.
    HIVE_POLICY_AUTHZ_ENABLED false Enable/Disable Hive policy authorization for Hive catalog
    Set as ‘true’ to use Hive policies to authorize hive catalog queries.
    HIVE_POLICY_REPO_CATALOG_MAPPING privacera_hive:hive This indicates Hive policy repository and Hive catalog mapping.
    Format: < hive_policy_repo-1 >:< comma_seperated_hive_catalogs >;
    < hive_policy_repo-2 >:< comma_seperated_hive_catalogs >
    E.g. privacera_hive:hivecatalog1, hivecatalog2; privacer_hive_1:hive3, hive4, hive5
    FILE_LOCATION_AUTHZ_ENABLED true This indicates file permission authorization using Privacera S3, ADLS, files policies for the external location in create schema and table.
    REPOSITORY_NAME_S3 privacera_s3 This indicates policy to be used to authorize S3 location.
    REPOSITORY_NAME_ADLS privacera_adls This indicates policy to be used to authorize ADLS location.
    REPOSITORY_NAME_FILES privacera_files This indicates policy to be used to authorize locations other than S3 and ADLS.
  • If Apache Ranger is SSL enabled, then set the following properties:



  • Enable the presto-plugin by running the command using root user.

    cd ranger-presto-plugin/
  • Now, restart Presto server.