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This topic provides the list of custom properties that should be configured for the Crypto service. It covers how you can configure the custom properties in Privacera Manager (PM) CLI.

PM CLI Configuration

To use a custom property from the properties table, add it to the following YML file in the custom-vars folder configured as per your environment:

  • vars.crypto.yml

Properties Table

Property Description Example Default Value
CRYPTO_PEG_EXTERNAL_URL The URL to access hostname and port of the PEG service. Unless you have changed the standard configuration, this is the host where the Privacera Platform is in stalled and the default port for PEG, which is 6869. None
CRYPTO_PEG_LOG_USER_NAME This is the service/adminstrative user defined in the PEG service with properties `privacera.portal.username` and `privacera.portal.password`.   None
CRYPTO_PEG_DATABRICKS_USER_PASSWORD The Privacera Platform password for the user defined in CRYPTO_PEG_LOG_USER_NAME.   None
PRIVACERA_CRYPTO_SCHEME_EXPIRY_SECONDS TTL in seconds for cached schemes. Auto-refreshes after expiry.   1,800 (30 minutes).