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Component Configuration

Each configuration sequences in this section are configuration instructions for a specific Privacera Platform component.  These installation scripts follow the same general organization:

What This Does:  Each configuration instruction starts with a statement of intent and purpose. 

Prerequisites: In most cases, there will be steps required before initiating the component configuration. Many components are dependent on another module.  In many cases, additional external steps must be taken or information acquired, such as a connection-token or external password. 

Configuration:  The configuration step consists of creating a properties file and assigning site or situation-specific values.  Template files are provided for all properties files so the creation step is to copy a file from the ~/privacera/privacera-manager/config/sample-vars folder to the ~/privacera/privacera-manager/config/custom-vars folder.

For some configurations, additional steps outside of Privacera Manager in order to complete a particular component installation. 

You may create or revise multiple configurations in a single pass.  After all configuration creation or revisions have completed, run:

./privacera-manager update 


Kubernetes based deployments also require a restart of services after each set of changes:

./privacera-manager restart

Security: It is important that all passwords/secrets are secured and they are not stored in cleared text. Privacera Manager includes Ansible Vault which can help encrypting secrets. For more information, refer to Privacera Manager Vault.

In addition to secrets, use SSL for all services. There are two options:

  1. Bring your own CA signed certificate
  2. Let Privacera Manager generate self signed certificate.

In both the cases, Privacera Manager will do all the wiring between services and load balancers automatically. Refer to Self Signed Certificates and CA Signed Certificates

Validation: Some of these sequences include a set of steps you can follow that provides some level of confirmation or 'validation' that the component or module was installed and is functioning correctly. 

Finally set of suggested or optional 'next steps' are provided, including suggestions for additional installation scripts or references to other corresponding Privacera documentation. 


These configuration topics are organized hierarchically in the sub-topics that follow, first by Cloud Platform, and then by major Privacera Function, then by the method of integration and data Resource type.   Privacera features that are independent of a cloud platform, such as Authentication or Authorization components are listed separately.

Use the navigation menu (on the left) to locate a particular component.