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Presentation Schemes

As background, refer to the definition of terms in the introduction to this guide.

A presentation scheme controls how decrypted data should be presented to authorized users. After data is decrypted, a presentation scheme can obfuscate it again in a form suitable for displaying to those authorized users.

  • If no presentation scheme is specified, the decrypted data is viewable in its original form.

  • If the user does not have access rights to view the data, an error message is displayed. For information about granting user access to schemes, see Scheme Policies.

Viewing the System Presentation Schemes and Other Functions

To see the system presentation schemes:

  1. Expand Encryption & Masking.
  2. Click Schemes.
  3. Click the Presentation Scheme tab.

You can import, export, define new presentation schemes or modify existing ones.

List of System Presentation Schemes

The following is a list of the Privacera-supplied system presentation schemes. The name of a scheme in general describes the type of data the scheme is designed to encrypt.

The formats, algorithms, and scopes associated with each scheme are described in Encryption formats, algorithms, and scopes.


Create a Custom Presentation Scheme

Before defining a scheme, plan what you want it to do. See the Encryption formats, algorithms, and scopes.

  1. Login to the Privacera Portal.
  2. On the left, expand Encryption & Masking.
  3. On the left, click Schemes.
  4. Click the Presentation Scheme tab.
  5. To add a new presentation scheme, click + Add.
  6. If you are using Privacera Platform, click the Presentation Scheme tab.
  7. Fill in the following fields:
    • Name: a useful name for this scheme.
    • Description: a helpful description of what the scheme does.
    • Format Type: From the pulldown, select the format you want to use.
    • Scope: From the pulldown, specify the extent of the data transform. The available scopes depend on which format you have chosen.
    • Value: This optional field is for certain types of scopes.
    • Algorithm: Select the required algorithm, which depends on the format you have chosen.
  8. Click Save to retain your changes or Close to discard them.