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Create Custom Encryption Schemes

To supplement Privacera's default encryption schemes, you can define your own.


Before you create a custom encryption scheme, prepare the following details:

  • A useful name and description of the encryption scheme
  • Input tag names you want to encrypt
  • The data format, datatype, algorithm of encryption you want to apply to those tags, and the scope of the encryption on the input data. See Encryption formats, algorithms, and scopes.

Steps to Create Custom Encryption Schemes

To create schemes for encryption in the Privacera Portal:

  1. Click Encryption & Masking and click Schemes from the left menu.

  2. Click Add to add the new scheme.

  3. Enter the following details:

    • Name: The scheme name, such as US_PHONE_3rdParty

    • Description: Description of the scheme

    • Tags: The input tag type, such as US_PHONE_NUMBER

    • Format type: The encryption format type, such as FPE_ALPHA_NUMERIC, Alphanumeric 

    • Scope: All

    • Value: The value of the scheme

    • Encryption API: Privacera (default), BOUNCY_CASTLE.

    • Algorithm: The encryption algorithm: FPE, Hash, Token, Mask, Standard 256, SHA_256, SHA_512

  4. Click Save to save the changes or Cancel to discard them.