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Scan Status

After manual scanning is triggered, you can check the progress of the scan ID on the Scan Status page.

During manual or offline rescan, if a file under a specified directory does not exist, the scan marks that the data was deleted in Classification. This is applicable only when realtime scan is disabled. The deleted resources are stale and can be viewed under Stale Resources.

Scan IDs that have not resulted in any tag classification are periodically removed from the status page.

General Status

  1. On the Privacera home page, on the left, expand the Discovery menu and click Scan Status.

  2. The following are possible statuses:

    Scanning durations are shown for data in different stages. For example, Listing shows the time taken to scan the existing data.

    • Pending: Number of scan requests in pending state.
    • Listing: Number of scan requests in listing state.
    • Running: Number of scan requests in running state.
    • Success Number of successfully completed scan requests.
    • Failed: Number of failed scan requests.
    • Killed: Number of killed scan requests.
    • Cancelled: Number of cancelled scan requests.
    • Retry: Number of scan requests moved into retry state.
    • Partial Success: Resources only partially scanned.

List of Individual Scans

The list of individual scans includes the following information:

  • Scan Id: This is the scan ID with a clickable link to view a summary of the scan.

    The Scan Type is shown as Scan (which is a full scan) or Incremental*.

  • Status: This is the status of the particular scan request. The various scan request statuses are mentioned above.

  • Scan/Total Resource: This is the number of File/Table scanned out of Total number of Files/Tables present in the scan request. For example: 1/2, 2/2.

  • Application: This is the name of application such as Hadoop-Hive or Azure-ADLS.

  • Resource: This is the name of resource. Click the resource to view the classification page for that resource.

  • Create Time: This is the time when the user has triggered the scan.

  • Start Time: This is the start time of scan.

  • End Time: This is end time of scan.

  • Duration: This indicates the scan duration.

  • Request User: This indicates the name of the user who has triggered the scan.

  • Type: This indicates the type of scan such as offline scan or realtime scan.

  • Policy: This is the name of policy.

Individual Scan Summary

Click View Summary Report in the Scan Id column to view Summary Info details for the selected scan ID such as Tagged Resources, UnTagged Resources, Excluded, Failed Resources, Properties, Diagnostic Info, Logs, Scan Cleanup, and Stale Resources.

Export Scan Summary

To download the scan summary, click Export and follow the leading prompts.