Scan Setup

You can configure scans for resources and set threshold scores on resources to determine if those resources should be reviewed for non-compliance.

Expand the Discovery menu and click Scan Setup.

The Score Threshold page displays with the following global settings:

  • Application Status: This lists the number of enabled and disabled applications.

  • System Classification: This allows you to set the global value at what percentage match will cause the scanned resource to be classified.

To auto classify the associated tags, enable the auto classification feature by toggling the enable/disable tab. The tags will not be auto classified for the percentage value if toggled to Disable.

  • Minimum Review: This allows you to set the global minimum value that will send the tagged resources to the Pending Review status under classification for manual verification.

    Tag scores falling below the review score are ignored. For a minimum review percentage, you can set the specific percentage in Minimum Review.

  • Reduce Score: If a column has empty data but is meta-tagged with 100% score, this reduces the score with the value that is set here. For example: If it is configured to 50, then the final score set for that column tag will be 50 and it will be re-evaluated based on the auto-classification and review score threshold.

  • If you toggle the reduce score enable, it will reduce the score of the associated meta tag. If you disable the reduce score feature, the meta tags will not be auto-classified.

  • Scan Type: For file system and database applications, scanning options:

    • Incremental reexamines modified resources by comparing the last modified time of the resource and the scan time.

      An incremental scan examines resources but does not scan those whose modifcation time has not changed; that is, resources that have already been scanned and have not changed since that orignal scan.

    • Rescan rescans the resource completely regardless of previous scans.