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Patterns Are Deprecated. Embed Patterns in Dictionaries Instead.


In a future release Discovery patterns will be removed from the left nav, because they are not used frequently. Instead, customers should now embed patterns in dictionaries. If you have any patterns in use, you should move them to dictionaries now.

Patterns are regular expressions (regexes) that match specific data elements in your data resources.

Privacera-supplied regular expressions can match common patterns like email addresses and URLs.

You can also define your own regexes to isolate patterns in your data to augment Privacera's patterns.

Add Pattern

To add a pattern:

  1. On the Privacera home page, expand the Discovery menu and click on Patterns on the left menu.

  2. Click +Add Pattern.

    The Add Pattern dialog is displayed.

  3. Enter the following details:

    • Enter the Pattern Name.

    • Select Applied On from the drop-down.

      • All: Patterns are matched at the file level.

      • File Content: Pattern matching is applied to the content of the file.

      • File Name: Pattern matching is applied based on file name.

      • Table/Column Name: Pattern matching is applied based on table or column name.

    • Regex Status: Enable (default) or disable regexes.

    • Enter the Expression. For example, an expression for a bank account number might be b(d{9}\|d{12})b.

    • Enter the Description.

    • Enter the Input Test Data.

    • Click Test Expression to verify the expression in the Input Test Data field. The test result is displayed in Test Output field.

  4. Click Save.

The pattern is added.

Edit Pattern

To edit a pattern:

  1. On the Patterns page, for the pattern you want to edit, click Edit under the Actions column.

  2. Update the required fields.

  3. Click Save.

Delete Pattern

To delete a pattern:

  1. On the Patterns page, for the pattern you want to delete, click Delete under the Actions column .

    You are prompted with a message to confirm the deletion.

  2. Click Yes to delete the pattern.

Search for Patterns

To search for a pattern, enter the pattern name in the search filter and click Enter.

The search results are displayed.

Export Patterns File

To export patterns to a file in JSON format:

  1. On the Patterns page, click Export.
  2. Select the checkbox of the patterns you want to export and click Export.

The pattern file is exported.

Import Patterns File

To import a patterns file in JSON format:

  1. On the Patterns page, click Import.

  2. Browse and select the JSON file and click Save.

The pattern file is imported.

List of Privacera-supplied Patterns

The following is a list of the Privacera-supplied patterns. The name of a pattern in general describes the purpose of the pattern. For precise details, look at the pattern itself in the Platform UI.

  • IPV4
  • IPV6
  • URL