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Data Zone Dashboard

Data zones are used to group and mark different areas within your data lake to serve specific, well-defined purposes. You can apply different policies and workflows on those resources in data zones for tailored controls.

View All Data Zones or Specific Data Zone

To view a brief summary of data zones:

  1. In the Privacera home page, click Compliance Workflow and then click Data Zone Dashboard from left menu.

    <img src="../assets/image67.png" />

  2. To view specific data zone information, click Info.

    <img src="../assets/image68.png" />

The Data Zone - Information page is displayed.

<img src="../assets/image69" />

Click  to refresh the list of data zones.

Search Filters

The following are search filters for data zones:

  • Search by Resource: view the result by the resource name.
  • Search by Application: view the result by the application name.
  • Search by Tags: view the result by the tags.

Fields Displayed for Data Zones

The following are fields in the data zone information grid:

  • Resource: This indicates the list of resources.

  • Tag: This indicates the list of tags.

    • Show All Tag: View all the tags. By default, this is disabled.

    • +Add / Edit: This allows you to add or edit the existing tags.