About Installing on Cazena

This document provides how-to guidance and reference information for installing and using Privacera services on Cazena Cloud. 

The first section of this document provides a general overview of Privacera.

The following sections provide detailed installation and configuration information for installing and configuring Privacera to the Cazena Cloud.

Privacera consists of three modules:

  • Privacera Cloud Access Manager

  • Privacera Discovery

  • Privacera Anonymization

Privacera Cloud Access Manager includes fine-grain authorization for cloud services and authentication broker simplifying mapping corporate users to cloud IAM users and roles.

Privacera Discovery can scan for sensitive data in cloud storage and on-premise big data environment and tag them. Discovery tags are stored in Privacera’s Data Catalog and can also be sent to other Data Catalogs. Tagged resources can then be used by Access Manager to enforce tag-based policies.

Privacera Anonymization is used to redact or encrypt data. It supports Format Preserving Encryption for preserving the original data format. E.g. 16 digits for credit-card and length preservations in alphanumeric data types. Privacera provides various utility libraries and UDFs to integrate with your application. It also has connectors for most streaming tools like Kafka Connect, StreamSet, and NiFi.