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Security Zone

A security zone consists of the following:

  1. A collection of resource services.
  2. In a resource service, one or more data repository objects (database, bucket, or file) and zero or more tag services.
  3. One or more zone administrators, auditors, and audit groups.

Security zone administrators can create and update policies for resources in their security zone. 

All services and resources that are not in a user-created security zone are in a default, unnamed security zone. 

User Interface#

Create Security Zone#

click the +' icon to open the Add / Edit Zones page and to create a data access security zone. Complete the following required and optional fields:

Zone Details:

  • Zone Name (required):
  • Description

Zone Administration (all fields required):

  • Admin Users
  • Admin Usergroups
  • Auditor Users
  • Auditor Usergroups


  • Tag Services
  • Resource Services (required)
    • Select a data repository service
    • To add or edit resources under the Resource column, use the  icon.

      Select and add resources appropriate to the data respository type.

Click Save to create the Security Zone and add it to the Security Zone list.

Edit / View - Security Zone#

Select the zone and click Edit. Modify and save the revised configuration.

Delete Security Zone#

Select the zone and click Delete. A confirmation dialog is displayed.  Select YES to confirm the deletion. 

Last update: August 16, 2021