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Reports provides:

  • A summary view of all defined policies.
  • Optional export of displayed results.
  • An alternate means of locating a policy and opening it for edit.

Search/Filter Options#

  • Basic Filters

    • Policy Type: Select policy type: Access, Mask, or Row Level Filter.
    • Policy Name: Filter by policy name.
  • Advanced Filters:

    • Component: Specify the resource or tag component. For example: Hive, S3, DynamoDB, tag. 
    • Resource: Specify the resource path used while creating the policy.
    • Policy Label: Specify the policy label.
    • Group or Username: Specify the group or user name assigned to the policy.
    • Zone Name: Specify the security zone name.

View/Edit Reports#

The opening table displays all Access policies. Use the search/filter controls to limit or select a different policy type group. Use the + icon to expand the view for specific conditions, e.g. Allow Conditions, Allow Exclude, Deny Conditions, Deny Exclude.

To open a Policy for edit, click the Policy ID. 

Export Policy Reports#

Click the Export button and select the file format. The report will contain the same policies as are displayed in the grid.  CSV, Excel, and JSON export formats are supported.  

Last update: October 1, 2021