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PrivaceraCloud 3.0


PrivaceraCloud Release

New And Improved Features#

Access Control#

  • Upgrade to EMR Spark access control from Privacera for EMR 6.x clusters. See EMR Spark (Object Level Access Control)

    • EMR Spark Fine-Grained Access Control. The Spark plug-in on EMR has been updated with enhancements and refactoring. Ranger Audit logs now show the complete query for SQL-type queries. Spark-submit with cluster mode is now supported.


In UserSync, you can extract the username portion of an email address value from the username attribute field. The username then becomes the value to the left of the @-sign of the email address. See Extract User Name from Email Address.


  • Scanning ADLS data sources:

    • Support for offline scanning of ADLS data sources.
    • Support for realtime scanning of ADLS data sources for Spark applications on Azure.
  • For registering data sources on AWS, in addition to relying on an access key/secret key combination, you can also rely on an IAM role. See Access AWS S3 with IAM Role.


  • PrivaceraCloud's user interface has been significantly enhanced for speed and usability.

  • Preview: File Explorer for AWS S3

    Contact Privacera Support to request enabling this feature.

    With the preview File Explorer for AWS S3 data sources, you can browse and read text files that are allowed for viewing by defined access policies. See Preview: File Explorer for AWS.


The Bouncy Castle API is now supported for use or creation of encryption schemes for encryption and decryption. See Reference: Formats, Algorithms, and Scopes.


  • In response to customer requests and suggestions, the Privacera documentation web site has been divided into two sides: one for PrivaceraCloud, the other for Privacera Platform. This division not only presents clearer navigation of the documentation but also provides “split search” results, such that PrivaceraCloud results are now distinct from those for Privacera Platform.
  • The bottom of every topic now shows the date the topic was last updated.

Last update: February 22, 2022