Preview: Generic_NER_ML_Model

Contact Privacera Support to request enabling this feature.

For background, see Privacera Discovery User Guide: Scan Techniques: Models.

Based on Natural Language Processing (NLP), the Generic Named Entity Recognition (NER) model detects named entities like person name, organization, and location. This model is intended only for use with unstructured text files or unstructured fields in structured files.

If a structured file has fields with long sentences for which prediction is needed via NLP, you can set the UNSTRUCTURED_FIELD_IN_STRUCTURED_FILE_ENABLED parameter to true. However, setting this parameter to true might result in reduced speed for classification. The time required for classification depends on the number of unstructured field records with five or more words.

Parameter Data Type Default Description
UNSTRUCTURED_FIELD_IN_STRUCTURED_FILE_ENABLED Boolean False Setting this parameter to true enables scanning of unstructured fields or columns within structured files.

Last update: August 9, 2021