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PrivaceraCloud creates and stores audit records for all data access, and key portal access activity. Audit records are retained for 90 days.

<img src="../assets/audit_page.png" />

The Audit page provides structured viewer access to these records. Records and presentation are sorted by category:

  • Access: Each access (or denial) to a managed data repository.
  • Admin: Portal administrative activity including revisions to policies.
  • Login Sessions: Logins to your PrivaceraCloud account web portal.
  • Plugin: Logged status for each synchronization exchange with a data access plug-in component.
  • Plugin Status: Logged updates with each data access plug-in component.
  • User Sync: Logged user updates from LDAP/AD service.
  • Policy Sync: Logged queries to data resources integrated using policy sync method.
  • Categories are using the top navigation tab selected. A date filter is on the upper right. By default it opens to the last 7 days but can be set to other intervals and custom date ranges.

PEG API Accesses#

On the Access tab, use the search filter pulldown menu to see Service is PEG (Privacera Encryption Gateway). <img src="../assets/audit_page_apikey.png" />

This shows access to a PEG encryption key when a PEG REST API request specifies an encryption scheme.

For more information about PEG, see Overview to Encryption.

Last update: February 22, 2022