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Updates in Privacera Platform release 7.8

This document contains information about the new features and enhancements in Privacera products and services, updates to supported third-party systems, and important announcements for this release. Release notes are available with every new version of the Privacera software package. 

Each release comes with product documentation that explains any new features or enhancements.

For more information about feature availability, see Privacera's Product Support Policy

Access Management updates

When a user is created in the Redshift database via SSO, the username is given the prefix IAM.

PolicySync connector updates

The AWS Lake Formation connector is now generally available for configuration with Privacera. It can be configured in either pull or push mode. You can also use policy-level tag expressions in tag policies for Lake Formation.

When a new database is discovered by the resource loader, the Snowflake PolicySync connector automatically grants all access from the database to itself.

When a user is created in the Redshift database using SSO, the user gets IAM as a prefix.

The Dremio PolicySync connector version 24 has been certified.

Plug-In updates

EMR Hive Glue Metastore now supports filtering databases and tables based on access policy.

Data Access Server on the Privacera platform now supports multiple AWS accounts.

FGAC and OLAC are now supported for Open Source Spark 3.3.2.

Discovery updates

The Discovery service now includes JCB and Maestro credit card regexes in the CC_ML_Model.

Realtime Scan is now supported on AWS Platform with Kafka instead of Kinesis.

UserSync updates

Privacera UserSync for SCIM Server: improved group assignment performance in POST and PUT requests.

Privacera Manager updates

Nginx Ingress Controller has been updated to support Kubernetes versions 1.21 and above.

Portal updates

The Access Management Policy creation page has been redesigned to make it more user-friendly.

When you edit a user in Settings > User Management, fetch the latest data and then populate the form.

File Explorer now supports multiple AWS profiles.

The Action Type field has been added after the AccessType column on the access audit page.

Tag-based policy UI to not show permissions in deny/exception for components that don't support deny/exception.

Platform Portal now supports MySQL version 8.0 as a backing store.

Encryption updates

The Privacera Encryption Gateway (PEG) architecture has been enhanced to remove dependencies on the PEG server in the Portal and on Ranger Key Management System (KMS).

The new architecture is backward compatible with old encryption schemes and formats.

REST API changes

Formerly, for an unauthorized user call, the Privacera Access Manager/Ranger REST API would return HTTP response code 401-Unauthorized. Instead, the REST API now returns response code 403-Forbidden (unauthorized).

The REST API response body now does not return attributes/fields that have no values. This has improved the response time for many calls.

Documentation changelog

For documentation updates in this release, see Privacera documentation changelog.